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Arcman Solar Power Corp.        

14 Mica Lane, Suite 10, Wellesley MA 02481; Toll Free: 888-666-1016, 888-666-1013; Fax: 617-328-6332; Email:
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Arcman Solar Power
Arcman Solar Power positions itself as a wholesale distributor of solar electric products to capitalize on current explosive trend of solar markets. Suntech Power is the largest manufacturer of solar electric panels in the world. Started from 2006, Arcman Solar Power is an Original Authorized Global Distributors of Suntech solar panels for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, making Arcman Solar Power among the major experienced solar distributors in the North America today.

Our mission is to build a reputation as the premier supplier of solar electric products with the least cost, highest quality and long term reliability for a variety of solar application and to create long term relationships with our customers based on intrinsic value, earned trust and high integrity.

Arcman Solar Power has supplied for various solar electric applications ranging from residential and commercial utility-connected systems to stand-alone systems. We work with a network of authorized dealers across the country who have many years of professional solar experience in their respective fields. We connect our end customers with our lastest products through dealers' expert services from installation to rebates and beyond. For turnkey solutions helping retailers, manufacturers, agriculture, high tech companies, and government agencies, Arcman Solar Power has the capability to easily team up with several of our larger dealers/contractors to offer complete professional installation services.

Arcman Solar Power has been distributing a wide range of Suntech solar products, the well known brand in the market. In Fall of 2009, Arcman Solar Power will start distributing high quality inverters with power range from one kilo watts to 2 mega watts. We are also planning to supply proven solar water heaters, solar space heating systems and solar pool heating systems in the near future.

Arcman Solar Power’s corporate headquarter is located in Wellesley, Massachussatte. Arcman Solar Power operates two branch facilities in California. With the emphasis on quality control, our shipping and receiving facilities are thorough, efficient, and detail-oriented. Arcman Solar Power maintains a large inventory and in most cases is prepared to ship orders within 24-48 hours.