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Suntech See Thru BIPV Solar Modules

Suntech See Thru (previously known as Photovol Glass) is a revolutionary new type of photovoltaic glazing. It is a solar module with a unique semitransparent finish, similar to tinted glass. Designed in part by architects, See Thru is ideal for use in curtain walls, skylights, canopies, atriums, and other vertical or sloped glazed surfaces. Based on amorphous silicon photovoltaic technology, See Thru is the perfect material for both light management and power generation.

See Thru's unique semitransparent finish allows you to create stunning PV installations that look identical to tinted glass. From the interior See Thru features a smooth light grey finish that allows diffused light to enter into the building.

Energy Savings
The laser-etched photovoltaic cells in See Thru simultaneously generate electricity and block the sun's rays. This reduces a building's air conditioning and lighting loads considerably.

Green Building Design
By reducing energy consumption, See Thru effectively curbs the release of CO2 gas into the Earth's atmosphere. And, Suntech See Thru enhances the building's value as an environmentally sustainable facility.

Suntech See Thru transforms sunlight into delicately diffused light to maintain exterior views and brighten enclosed spaces that would otherwise require conventional lighting. See Thru provides up to 10% light transmission, creating a comfortable atmosphere inside the building.

High Performance
At the same time it is generating electricity, Suntech See Thru works like other high performance glazing solutions, drastically reducing levels of solar heat gain and UV radiation passing through the glass.

Suntech See Thru uses a Thin Film Amorphous Silicon layer sandwiched between the glass laminate. This layer is approximately 0.3 microns, about 600 times thinner than traditional square crystalline silicon solar cells. See Thru uses an ultra fine laser etching process to create a unique semi-transparent finish. Using thin film amorphous technology, See Thru requires less energy in the manufacturing process, substantially reducing overall CO2 emissions. The unique edge-mounted electrical connection system ensures that all wiring is concealed within the frame.

The standard glass laminate, measuring 980mm x 950mm, is available with 1%, 5% or 10% visible light transmittance at a thickness of either 10.5 or 13.5 mm. A variety of custom sizing options are also available. The laminates can be fabricated into insulating glass units when a lower U-value is desired.

Suntech See Thru absorbs more solar heat than low-e glass, which tends to simply reflect heat away. With See Thru, heat and light from the sun's rays are absorbed and converted into electricity by the photovoltaic interlayer. For this reason, See Thru can drastically reduce a building's annual electricity demand by supplementing electricity used for air conditioning and lighting. Suntech See Thru is an extremely efficient solution for energy and daytime lighting management.

To download a Suntech See Thru product catalog, click here.