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Suntech Light Thru BIPV Solar Modules

 Crystal clear Light Thru modules can be used to design striking canopies, atria, skylights, and vertical facades. Suntech Light Thru modules use crystalline cells sandwiched between 2 sheets of glass. The gaps between the cells allow light to pass through creating excellent shaded areas.

Suntech Light Thru modules dispel the myth that solar technologies are unattractive or difficult to design into a building. With the flexibility to specify the desired light levels passing through the glass, Suntech Light Thru is both a power generator and an aesthetic sunshade in one beautiful package.

Striking appearance
A combination of crystalline solar cells and glass creates an aesthetically pleasing solar system - becoming a real focal point of a building's design.

Provides Shading
Suntech Light Thru modules are perfect for canopies, porches and enclosures that require some shade. The system can also generate an average of 80 to 100W/m2 of power from direct sunlight.

Flexible Design
Suntech Light Thru modules have size and cell types that can be specified by the customer. Cell spacing can be adjusted to vary light levels to the desired effect.

Efficient and Cost Effective
High efficiency monocrystalline cells or cost effective polycrystalline cells can be specified to maximize energy harvest. By using integrated building materials like Suntech Light Thru material redundancy is eliminated, thereby reducing total material costs.

Hassle-free installation
Suntech Light Thru modules are manufactured with diodes and plug & play connectors for safe, easy installation.

Suntech Light Thru is custom-built to your specifications
As with any standard architectural glass, Suntech Light Thru can be specified to meet the needs of practically any glazing installation. While it is recommended that the top glass layer be specified as ultraclear, low-iron glass to maximize energy conversion efficiency, the bottom glass can be specified as any colored or fritted glass.

Modules can be fabricated into insulated glass units with variable cell size, type, and color options available. There is flexibility in adjusting the spacing between cells to modify light transmission levels.

Size Options
Suntech Light Thru can be custom made into any size up to 3000 x 2000 mm.

Construction Options
Glass thicknesses are available from 3.2 to 12mm. Suntech Light Thru cells are laminated in EVA or PVB and sandwiched between 2 sheets of glass or between glass (front) and clear Tedlar® (back). Tempered glass must be used. Additionally, double glazed units can be manufactured to meet a project's requirements.

Options for Photovoltaic Cells
Monocrystalline 125 or 156mm - Black squares, rounded corners with highest efficiency.
Polycrystalline 125 or 156 mm - Blue squares, square corners, with slightly lower efficiency, but comparatively lower cost.

Different colored cells are also available, please inquire for details.

Options for Cell Spacing
Both cell-to-cell spacing and spacing between strings can be 4 mm or 10-15mm. Please inquire for larger cell spacing.

Options for Connectors
125mm: edge or back surface of glass 156mm: back surface of glass only, edge junction box size: L130mm x H8mm x D9mm, Cable size: diameter 6 mm, MC connector plugs size: diameter 15mm

To download a Suntech Light Thru product catalog, click here.