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Suntech BIPV
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Suntech Semi-Shade BIPV Solar Modules

Suntech Semi-Shade is a standardized product featuring crystalline cells with a clear tedlar backsheet. It is ideal to create cost-effective photovoltaic canopies and facades where a fixed size module can be accommodated.

Excellent Aesthetics
Suntech Semi-Shade has a clear tedlar backsheet with wide cell spacing, allowing the module to blend in visually to roofs and facades or function as a highly aesthetic partially shaded canopy cover.

Cost Effectiveness
Since Suntech Semi-Shade is based on the design of Suntech's standard framed polycrystalline modules, it offers an extremely cost-effective way to integrate an aesthetically pleasing module into a canopy or façade design. While the wide cell spacing reduces cost per square meter, an alternate specification with tight cell spacing maximizes energy generation per square meter.

Installation Flexibility
Suntech Semi-Shade can be installed in the same way as standard modules.

Sturdy Construction
Suntech Semi-Shade Modules are built with the most durable materials in the industry. Modules are constructed of high quality anodized aluminum frames and high transparency, low-iron, tempered glass.

Performance in Demanding Conditions
Suntech Modules are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications, and are rigorously tested to ensure they will perform under the most demanding conditions. Suntech Semi-Shade Modules withstand high wind-pressure and snow load and experience no problems associated with water freezing and warping.

To download a Suntech Semi-Shade product catalog, click 120-130 Watt models or 240-260 watt models