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Suntech Just Roof BIPV Solar Modules

Suntech Just Roof is an integrated roof photovoltaic panels designed to form a complete roof. Just Roof replaces tiles or other roof coverings and is ideal for gabled or pitched roofs. The Just Roof modules replace all roofing materials (excluding ridges, span and edges of eaves) to create a completely weatherproof roof.

Suntech Just Roof integrates seamlessly into the roof of any house or building. Just Roof aesthetics are far superior to that of a standard roof mounted solar modules because Just Roof is manufactured with non-reflective tempered glass and a black anodized aluminum frame with a black back sheet. In addition, the modules interlock and the gaps between the modules are covered by a proprietary black anodized aluminium capping rail. Suntech Just Roof looks and acts just like standard roofing materials.

Suntech Just Roof has multiple weatherproofing features to provide excellent protection from the elements. Each module has multiple water channels for unsurpassed drainage and Just Roof has been fully tested, resulting in excellent moisture, wind, impact, and earthquake resistance.

14 Years of Reliability
The Just Roof BIPV system has been installed on more than 4,000 homes since its introduction in 1994 and is a certified roofing material. This wealth of experience in the field makes Just Roof the world's most proven and practical BIPV system.

Suntech Just Roof can be installed as the entire roofing structure or in combination with other roofing materials such as concrete tiles, shingles, or metal roofing. And, with Just Roof's superior aesthetics, roofing materials blend seamlessly.

Easy Installation
Suntech Just Roof can easily be installed in just one working day. Just Roof has UL/ IEC approved plug-n-play Tyco connectors that make wiring of the solar system simple and safe.

Just Quicker and Easier Installation
Just Roof is suitable for both new build and retrofit roofing installations on practically any gabled roof configuration. Each roof tile measures 1621x841mm and is rated at 140-180wp.

Just Roof is not just a roof. On any building, the roof can be an excellent space for designing better daylight management. Just Roof tiles are modular and can be easily designed around skylights, balconies, and dormers. Suntech Just Roof - where good design and a good conscience come together.

Not Just Power
BIPV roofing presents an innovative paradigm shift in power generation. Unlike most electric generators, even wind turbines that require complex installation and maintenance, Suntech Just Roof can be easily integrated into a building. Just Roof is silent, emissions-free, and maintenance-free. While fuel prices are on the rise, the sun is and always will be, free.

Not Just a Tile
It might sound risky to build a roof from glass and aluminum. However, a glance at any modern high-rise or large office building gives testament to the strength and durability of these building materials.

To download a Suntech Just Roof product catalog, click here.