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Suntech BIPV
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Suntech QuikSnap BIPV Solar Modules

QuikSnap is an advanced, high performance solar power system with integrated high efficiency solar modules. It's sleek and stylish, yet delivers unparalleled, built-in reliability - a beautiful way to protect the environment, save power costs, and add to the value of your home or business.

QuikSnap is only available in Europe, Japan and Australia.

Great Aesthetics
QuikSnap's revolutionary engineering secures the parts within each module, allowing slim modules to be mounted closer together for a smaller "footprint" with no unsightly mounting racks, dangling wires, or gaps between modules. Together, with all-black components, the result is a noticeably smoother, streamlined look.

Built-in Reliability
Suntech QuikSnap modules are modular, yet designed to attach together as an integrated system. All racking hardware, grounding wires, and wiring connections - even the connections between modules - are integrated. The result is unparalleled reliability; fewer parts to fail, fewer roof penetrations, and fewer and shorter connections subject to pinch, abrade, or decay. QuikSnap's reliability withstands the weather without modules loosening from heating/cooling cycles.

High Performance
QuikSnap features high efficiency monocrystalline solar modules. With more module area and less rack area per roof and lower electrical resistance losses, the energy output is maximized. QuikSnap also features an output tolerance within 3% of specification for reliable, efficient power.

Convenience and Safety for the Client and Installer
QuikSnap is fully compliant with UL 1703 solar module test requirements and NEC safety requirements and installs quickly. Much faster installation time means less interruption for the customer. And, with only a single hand tool required to install the system - there is no need for dangerous power tools on the roof. QuikSnap is also faster and less expensive to disassemble and reassemble for future roof service.

To download a Suntech QuikSnap product catalog, click here.