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Suntech MSK Solar Design Line

Suntech's MSK Solar Design LineTM of products offers superior aesthetics compared to standard PV modules and can be used to create buildings that are sustainable, functional and visually stunning. MSK is the name of the Japanese specialist in Solar Design, with experience in solar dating back to 1981, that Suntech acquired in 2006.

The majority of Suntech's MSK Solar Design LineTM products are Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) modules. These BIPV modules function, not as an add-on, but rather, as an integral part of the building skin. They can be used just like standard building materials, but with the added value of generating electricity directly from sunlight. BIPV modules provide greatly improved aesthetics and allow savings over traditional building materials and installation.

          Lower Ft. Garry Visitor Center in Manitoba, Canada.

Reasons to choose Suntech MSK Solar Design LineTM Products

MSK Solar Design LineTM modules can be a striking and highly visible feature of a building or they can blend seamlessly with the construction. See the Case Studies section for examples of MSK Solar Design LineTM installations. A remote display unit enables building users to see, in real time, how much energy is being produced and how much carbon is being saved - making a Suntech MSK Solar Design LineTM system a true talking point for building users.

In the case of Suntech's building-integrated products, the module itself functions as a building material providing the physical skin of the building, and offering shading, weatherproofing, thermal and acoustic protection. This cuts out the duplication of materials with standard solar modules mounted on top of the existing building structure, saving material cost and reducing environmental impact.

Suntech MSK Solar Design LineTM modules make a building more sustainable while providing architects license to create a powerful environmental statement. A 3kW rooftop system can provide all the electricity required by an energy efficient home. In addition to generating electricity, our thin-film glazing BIPV also dramatically reduces the heat that enters the building, reducing the energy required for air-conditioning. In Suntech's experience, installing a PV system also leads to a 5-10% reduction in energy usage since occupants are keen not to waste their "own" solar generated electricity. Solar energy systems are an excellent form of "green marketing" and in many applications have an important educational function - heightening awareness of environmental issues.

Economic Payback
Suntech MSK Solar Design LineTM systems not only protect the environment, but also save money in the long run. On average, around the world, sunlight delivers a barrel of oil of energy on every square meter of land every year. At $145 a barrel, a 100m2 roof is receiving $14,500/yr of energy - a third of a million dollars over 25 years. With Suntech MSK Solar Design LineTM modules, we can convert part of this raw energy directly into electricity. The electricity can be used on site or sold to the grid making a solar energy system the only type of building product that will pay for itself over time. In many countries, government incentives are in place to reduce the payback time. Since building-integrated modules displace traditional building materials, only the incremental additional cost of the PV modules needs to be considered.