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Suntech BIPV
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Discover the Difference with Arcman Solar Products

Suntech is the largest photovoltaic panel manufacturer in the world. The company was granted the award of Frost & Sullivan's 2008 Solar Energy Development Company of the Year, with recognization of both the company's unparalleled excellence in design and delivery of high-quality, top-class PV cells and panels with conversion efficiency up to 18% and the company's strong capabilities in building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems.

Suntech’s breakthrough Pluto technology is already achieving over 18.8% conversion efficiency on monocrystalline cells and 17.2% on polycrystalline in mass production, well above conventional crystalline cells from most major competitors. Look at the popular solar panel database to compare the efficiency and performance with other manufacturers.

As a Suntech original authorized global distributor since 2006, Arcman Solar has been distributing Suntech solar panels worldwide. Through special arrangements with Suntech and our considerable buying power, Arcman Solar always offers our customers like you deep discounted prices but without compromising on quality.

Best products at best prices = your choices

  • Suntech Photovoltaic Modules – The widest range of photovoltaic modules in the solar industry.
  • Black Label – An all-black panel that combines the superior aesthetics of Suntech BIPV products into a standard module suitable for mounting on top of roofs or facades.
  • See Thru – A revolutionary new type of photovoltaic glazing.
  • Light Thru – A power generator and an aesthetic sunshade in one beautiful package.
  • Semi-Shade – A Module to create cost-effective photovoltaic canopies and facades where a fixed size can be accommodated.
  • Just Roof – An integrated roof photovoltaic system designed to form a complete roof.
  • QuikSnap – An advanced, high performance solar power system with integrated high efficiency solar panels.
  • Discover Suntech design concepts in English, German, or Spanish